WSL2 and File System Performance

Windows Subsystem for Linux v2 (WSL2) is now available and it has some nice new features such as the ability to run Linux docker containers from within your WSL Linux. It was also made available for older Windows 10 installations (1903 and 1909). But it comes with a caveat.

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Gotya: Go Templates

Since I started to use Hugo for creating this web site, I more or less willingly came into contact with Go Templates. I then thought, that this could be a good solution for generating LaTeX invoices: simply use placeholders in a tex file and replace them with actual values using Go Templates. Thus, as my first Go project, I decided to build a simple tool first: It shall take variables from a YAML input file and then generate a text file based on a template referencing these variables.

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Launching a new site raises a few questions on the technical side - what kind of tooling do you use? Wordpress? Joomla? Plain HTML? A CMS might be overkill and bears security risks. Plain HTML is too cumbersome when it comes to menus and common layout components.

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