Swadit - Visual OpenAPI Editor

Swadit is a visual editor for Swagger/OpenAPI files supporting the ‘API first’ approach: Design your API first, then start coding with generated code stubs!

Swadit preview

You can try it out for free (no account/login needed): https://swadit.froschbach.io.


Currently supported features include:

  • Design your REST API visually (no need to understand the Swagger/OpenAPI specification).
  • Preview your API with a single click in Swagger UI.
  • Open/save your API as Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 file.
  • For the expert: Edit the Swagger/OpenAPI source of your API in YAML format (with validation).

Swadit is completely run within your browser:

  • No need to install server-side software (except for a web server, of course).
  • Your API definition remains within your browser and is not sent to any server.

Hosted & branded Version

We offer hosting of a branded version of Swadit, so you can add your own logo and legal conditions. You may also make Swadit accessible via a subdomain of your company’s domain name.

Here is a feature comparison of the free version and the hosted/branded version:

Feature Swadit
hosted & branded
Open local Swagger files within your browser Yes Yes
Save APIs as local Swagger files Yes Yes
Edit your API definition visually Yes Yes
Add a branding to Swadit (e.g., with your company's logo) No Yes
Offer Swadit under your sub-domain (e.g. swadit.mycompany.com) No Yes
Use your own SSL server certificates No Yes

Both, the free and branded versions of Swadit are operated by an EU-based company and are hosted on European servers. We fully comply with EU regulations such as the GDPR.

If you are interested in a hosted & branded version, please request a quote.

Open Source

Swadit is open source and published under GPLv3. Contributions, feature requests and bug reports are welcome! The project is hosted on Github: